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Comments: Re: How to install RPC Proxy directly into a different iis web site?

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Re: How to install RPC Proxy directly into a different iis web site?




... note also that I have currently verified the functionality on an Exchange 2010 running on Windows 2012 (R1) where I wanted to move publicly facing CAS and its OutlookAnywhere into a separate web site instead of using the Default Web Site.

I just uninstalled the RPC over HTTP proxy feature by using Server Manager on an already running Exchange server which didn't have Outlook Anywhere enabled. I created a new IIS web site for the publicly facing virtual directories. I have installed the RPCoverHTTP feature back again, now to the newly created IIS web site using the registry key. After that, I have simply enabled the OutlookAnywhere within Exchange.

Now, the MetabasePath was still incorrectly pointing to the W3SVC/1/Root/RPC which was incorrect. My custom IIS web site has been created with a different ID apparently.

I went into ADSI Edit and found the OutlookAnywhere virtual directory object at CN=Rpc (Default Web Site),CN=HTTP,CN=Protocols,CN=<servername>,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (<id>),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=<orgname>,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,...

It seems like the Rpc virtual directory object is automatically created during Exchange 2010 installation and does not change when you enable/disable OutlookAnywhere functionality.

So I simply corrected the name and attributes of the AD object in ADSIEdit. What needed to be mended was msExchMetabasePath attribute of the object. I also changed the object name to reflect the name of the custom IIS web site.

Now the Get-OutlookAnywhere does not complain that the virtual directory does not exist in IIS anymore. And the client connection seems to be working well.


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