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August 2013

August 26
The case of invalid SearchResultCollection that could not be enumerated and its Count member equal zero
August 24
The updates needed to make SHA2 (SHA-256) working with Windows 2003 and Windows XP SP3
August 19
Local Security Policy console does not display Advanced Audit Policies when enforced through GPO
August 18
Applying FSRM autoquota templates with PowerShell in a complex scenario
August 18
How to use Select-Object to create custom objects
August 17
Export Hyper-V virtual machine configuration with PowerShell
August 16
How to share a folder and set its share permissions from PowerShell
August 12
Applying the Protect object from accidental deletion from PowerShell and command line
August 07
PowerShell SWITCH statement with multiple values for a single target choice
August 06
How to install RPC Proxy directly into a different iis web site?