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February 2016

February 24
Example of using DirSync LDAP query modificator in PowerShell
February 13
How to enable UEFI secure boot for Windows
February 10
TPM virtual smart card (VSC) with key attestation on Windows 10
February 10
Error message when you try to obtain certificate using the Enroll on behalf of wizard
February 06
How to query for the Windows event XML data values in SCOM
February 05
How to block running PowerShell scripts on user workstations and RDS or RDP servers
February 03
Command line parameters for the Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10 Mobile
February 02
When Install-ADServiceAccount returns An unspecified error has occured exception and some more internals about gMSA
February 01
How to force network profile redetection with NLA and Windows Firewall