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December 13
RD Gateway error event 210 caused by NLB configured with no affinity

You may get the error 210 in the TerminalServices-Gateway Admin log on a Remote Desktop Gateway server (RD Gateway) saying that Http transport: IN channel could not find a corresponding OUT channel. This error may happen if you operate a load balanced RD Gateway farm and the load balancing mechanism does not use any affinity. RD Gateway requires at least the single affinity to be used.

The no affinity setting means that any TCP connection being established from a client may end up at any load balanced farm member. The RD Gateway on the other hand must establish two TCP connections, one for inbound and the other for outbound transport, while both connections must hit the same RD GW farm member. Thus we must configure the load balancing technology (usually the NLB) to connect all TCP connections from a single client to the same NLB farm member.


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