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May 27
Users get error message when connecting to RDP host using RemoteGuard

RemoteGuard is a fine new technology for RDP running to and from Windows 2016 and Window 10.1607 which allows for some basic credential protection of users' NTLM password hashes and TGT tickets. In order to use the remote guard feature you must either start mstsc client with /remoteGuard command line switch or have that feature enforced by a client machine group policy setting.

It is a documented fact that the sole use of the /remoteGuard switch requires the connecting user to be member of local Administrators group on the remote RDP host. In case the user is not member of the local Administrators group on the remote RDP host machine, the user receives the following error message displayed on the remote desktop screen after connecting:

The requested session access is denied

If you want your users to connect while not being members of local Administrators group on the remote RDP server then you have to enforce the RemoteGuard use on the client side by using group policy (local or GPO) setting:

Computer Configuration
    Administrative Templates
        Credentials Delegation

Restrict delegation of credentials to remote servers
    Enabled + Require Remote Credential Guard

Yes, weirdly enough, but really the /remoteGuard command line switch is apparently different from the GPO setting. And yes, both are client side matters. The only thing that you need to enable on the RDP server host is the DisableRestrictedAdmin registry value which is the same for both remote guard and restricted admin features.

DisableRestrictedAdmin = DWORD = 0


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