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May 16
How to archive a certificate with PowerShell

There is a nice blog post about marking certificates as archived using certutil and vbscript, yet it does not provide a solution for doing so from PowerShell. Here comes my one. The following example flags the second certificate from user personal certificate store with the Archived bit. The only problem was to realize the ReadWrite open flag for the X509Store.Open method - unless that, you receive Access Denied errors:

$personalStore = Get-Item cert:\CurrentUser\My


$personalStore.Certificates[1].Archived = $true



Re: How to archive a certificate with PowerShell

how to un-archive some or all archived certificates from the local machine certificate store:

$personalStore = Get-Item cert:\LocalMachine\My
$personalStore.Certificates | Select Thumbprint, Subject, Archived

$personalStore.Certificates[1].Archived = $false

 on 13/01/2017 10:25

Re: How to archive a certificate with PowerShell

You should then execute


before attempting to look at the certificate store through another path of access (like the MMC, for that matter)...
 on 14/11/2018 15:43

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